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Disney Animated Show for Kids


Disney has an automated show called Vision Tales and is designed to appeal to kids in a non-topical way like Sponge Bob or Power Rangers and yet constantly feed them information on how to becomemore eco-friendly. 

10 Things Kids Can Do to Go Green and Reduce Environmental Impact


1.   Ask mom for green school supplies.
2.   Walk, carpool, or take the bus to school.
3.   Turn off the water while showering and brushing teeth.
4.   Start an organic garden at school and create compost for it.
5.   Turn off lights and appliances/electronics when not in use.
6.   If parents recycle, allow kids to sort.
7.   Volunteer with community organizations that plant trees.
8.   Hand-wash dishes or only run the dishwasher for full loads.

A Walk in the Woods


A Walk in the Woods, created by the University of Illinois Extension Service, aims to help third- through fifth-graders students “gain an appreciation of nature.”

EEK! Environmental Education for Kids


EEK! IS An electronic magazine for kids in grades 4-8. Includes Critter Corner, Nature Notes, Our Earth, Cool Stuff, Get a Job, and Teacher Pages.

National Geographic KIDS - Dare to Explore


For kids games, videos, and more, use this KIDS website.

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